About Our Team

Posted on January 28, 2010 by cPR

Created in 2006 by Scott Carpenter, cPR is a group of seasoned, talented professionals who produce and place superior, results-oriented work. Our experience spans the full breadth of retail and business-to-business marketing.

senior level brand building consultant

Scott Carpenter

Our business is built around what we call the pebble dropping model. When you drop a pebble into a body of water, an immediate center forms that empowers change… change in shape, increase of force through ripple creation and increase in output as activity occurs. cPR and its team of four is that center of the pebble drop that empowers everything else for your betterment.

From our hub, our internal team handles strategic planning, brand audits, brand positioning, public relations, digital planning, advertising creation, copywriting, crisis communication, creative design and more.

From time to time, cPR calls upon trusted experts from around the US in a particular field to assist our clients. This enables us to be nimble and engage top tier, highly specialized thinkers specifically for your campaign. For example, our media buyer is a Fortune 500 company that obtains rates, value adds and costs per point that only the large NYC agencies can obtain.

Overall, it’s a seamless blend of creativity, media knowledge and vision that produces results and value for you at a lower cost. It’s the cPR way!