Ad Equivalency

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I was reading a case history the other day about a national media relations plan. The firm told what they did and timeframe in which they did so. Then it go to the results. Did sales increase? No. Did measureable awareness levels change? No. The only measureable they stated in this published article was… ad equivalency.

Say what? Ad equivalency is no a measure of public relations success than stating how many pencils were needed to write the overall campaign. While some firms state that it shows how much ad dollars were saved or how much ad value was created, at the end of the day, the PR result has to be outcome, not output.

If you want a measure to see if your PR campaign worked, check how more web traffic was generated, how many more phone calls occurred, how perceptions and awareness levels changed from one survey to another and how much product was moved off the shelf. And if you just want a simplistic measure, how many clips were generated.

But ad equivalency doesn’t equate to value, volume, success or end benefit. It’s just a number to show nothing else was really accomplished.

If any PR firm talks to you about how they measure ad equilvalency, RUN.


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