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PRSA Names Carpenter to 2018 National Silver Anvil Panel

Posted on 01/04/18 by cPR

We are proud to announce that Scott Carpenter, president of Carpenter Public Relations has been selected by the Public Relations Society of America – an organization of more than 35,000 public relations professionals – to serve on on its national judge’s panel for selecting the PRSA Silver Anvil. This marks the 13th time he has […]

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Reach Employees On A Deeper Level

Posted on 09/26/17 by cPR

I’m sharing this great article in a recent Inc. Magazine.  With a 97 percent employee approval rating on Glassdoor, LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner has developed a reputation as one of the most beloved CEOs in the world. Weiner recently shared his advice on what it takes to reach employees on a deeper level. “Inspire, empower, listen & appreciate. Practicing any one of […]

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Do I Need Three Strategies To Succeed? Yes You Do!

Posted on 08/17/17 by cPR
Three Things Hand

When we embark on projects for existing or new clients, we usually move quickly into discussions on strategy. It may be tempting to jump into tactics, but we believe that should be the last step, not the first.  If you’re thinking that communication strategy is what will inform those tactics, you’re right. But there are two other […]

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Why Campaign’s Fail To Plan… Yet Expect Different Results

Posted on 08/16/17 by cPR
PR Pyramid

As a senior national judge for PRSA’s Silver Anvil Award, I’ve graded many great campaigns… and some, well, not so great ones. The two takeaways I’ve learned over the years is why campaigns succeed and fail. Fail:  Go on gut instinct, put a lot of stuff out, spend a lot of money and hope the […]

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Hello PR. Goodbye SEO.

Posted on 08/16/17 by cPR
Public Relations

Remember when you would search for something and come across a website riddled with nonsense words? Those Wild-West days of SEO are now recalled with a chuckle and an eye roll. The websites were never pretty and often full of junk and viruses, but they always seemed to pop up on top. That’s why Google […]

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Get On The Same Page Tortoise & Hare: We Mean Corporate Comm & Sales!

Posted on 07/16/17 by cPR
Tortoise Hair

With so emerging companies we counsel, we see the old fable of the tortoise and the hare play out in the sales and marketing department. That is, the sales director needs instant turns to meet his monthly quota (the hare) and the marketing director is interested in building awareness that creates brand equity over the test […]

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PR Ball of String: Empower Your Company: Make PR Proactive, Not Reactive

Posted on 05/17/17 by cPR

Good, bad or indifferent, Donald Trump is a PR machine. While one can view his antics and policies as polarizing, he surely understands the importance of using public relations as a tool to shape his brand. And that is something that all companies should mirror. Let’s look at what he is doing. While his competitors […]

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