Print Media Samples


WoundSeal National Program

With a medical breakthrough that stops bleeding instantly called WoundSeal, Biolife turned to cPR to help create emotional advertising concepts that reflected the benefit to very different audiences. Through research, we found that moms felt peace of mind that one product could care for their children AND elderly parents… while senior citizens felt the benefit […]

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WaterSignal Ad

WaterSignal B2B Campaign

WaterSignal is an innovative system that reads the pulse of a water meter to send real time data to a property manager in order to 1) detect water surges / leaks and 2) monitor water usage as part of a building’s water conservation program. To capture the attention of the property owner and manager, cPR […]

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Walk For Rides Logo

Walk for Rides Logo

When a local charity needed help with its first fund-raiser, they called cPR to help create their branded walk. cPR worked with organizers to develop the name and then created an iconic logo to quickly provide the end benefit of those who participate and who it helps… in this case ITNSarasota, a charity who provides […]

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Walk For Rides Advertisement

Walk For Rides

When ITNSarasota needed help creating a marketing hook to help them with their first ever fund-raising event, they turned to cPR for help. From creating the right tone to drafting copy that grabbed an emotional hook, cPR helped the organization make a great first impression to donors, community leaders and the people who utilize ITN’s […]

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Commercial Insurance Marketing Ad

Commercial Insurance Marketing

Commercial Insurance Marketing print advertisement on its ability to accomplish the hardest business insurance tasks with ease… in this case surety bonds.

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Harborside Magazine Ad

Harborside Townhomes

Magazine advertisement showcasing Harborside’s style.    

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ITN Friends Ad

ITN Sarasota – Dorothy Needs Your Help

Magazine advertisement encouraging people to volunteer.

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Vette Brake & Products

Vette Magazine advertisement promoting VBP’s high performance composite monosprings.

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Beachfront Villas

Print advertisement showcasing Tuscan-style waterfront villas at Rivera Dunes.

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