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Top 10 List: Promoting Your Business

Posted on 10/07/13 by cPR

When it comes to promoting a business, a common question is, “Which medium is best?” Some options are quite expensive, especially for a small business. Furthermore, some media work better than others depending on your business’s specific situation. Nielsen recently released its 2013 Trust in Advertising Report. Though online promotion shows an increase in consumer trust, word-of-mouth […]

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How One Small Business Used A Viral Video To Burst Onto The Scene

Posted on 09/02/13 by cPR
Camp Gyno

We love the story of HelloFlo and their “Camp Gyno” campaign. The story is about a one person company with a big idea in feminine products. Instead of using traditional media to build buzz around their brand, they created an edgy, pithy viral video that combines entertainment with the company’s value proposition. Through one viral […]

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Brands Don’t Need To Be Different, They Need To Be Better

Posted on 02/25/12 by cPR

It cracks me up when I hear people, other agencies and companies talk about how important it is to be different than the others. Offering different experiences, colors, styles and price points will get them over the hump in the mind of the consumer. Or so they think. In my view, different is not better, […]

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Protect Brand In Social Media

Posted on 10/12/10 by cPR 2 Comments

The digital playground that is Social Media… A power shift in the way brands communicate. The digital playground offers brands a chance to go on the Wild Side. Very few limits. Little filters. An immediate way for an executive or brand manager to connect to millions of people in one mouse click. It’s about being […]

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PR Is More Than Media Relations

Posted on 05/12/10 by cPR No Comments

When you sit back and look at the winners of the Silver Anvils, most have a couple of things in common. 1. They had measurable results that demonstrated that their strategies and tactics worked 2. The campaign was exceptionally thorough in its integration 3. The campaign was creative, original and innovative And it is the […]

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