Top 10 Reasons Clients Choose cPR

When companies search for a public relations or advertising firm, many will simply look at what they do and how much they cost. And that is ok if you’re looking at your brand as a commodity. We, however, look at your brand as a value that builds equity.

It’s often like being a mechanic. While you assume everyone in the book can fix a transmission, do they really look under the hood, identify the problem, develop a recommendation that provides a solution, give you a good price and provide customer service after the sale?  We do… and we’ll let our customers tell how we’ve fared.


“Instead of telling us what we  wanted to hear about our brand, they told us what we needed to hear. Their objectivity in identifying the problem and providing a solution has made all the difference in the world for us.”


“cPR is candid, direct, strategic and realistic. They have national credentials and experience, yet provides a focused, personal and dedicated effort to growing our business the right way.”


“For years, we used another firm that showed they did lots of stuff. But nothing was working and our customers and vendors actually thought we were going under. We switched to cPR and within the first three months, they demonstrated how their data driven marketing worked for us.  On a monthly basis, they shared results in awareness growth, share of voice and sales volume.”


“They do everything they say. And they do it with creativity, integrity and a laugh now and then.”


“They are full service so we don’t have to go anywhere else. We started with their POV brand audit process and now use them for media relations, media buys and creative services. It’s nice to have seasoned professionals on our side.”


“They are very transparent on who they are and how they work. We know they are not the largest firm in Tampa, but when the overall strategy calls for something they don’t offer in-house, they simply tap their strategic resources to grap an e-commerce web designer in North Carolina to a Fortune 500 media buyer in Atlanta to obtain the best frequency and reach.”


“Scott is a national Silver Anvil Judge for the Public Relations Society of America. While it’s common place for NYC and Chicago firms to have several, he’s the only one in this area with the honor. While it is a nice acclaim for him, for us it’s meant that we have an expert managing our campaign. And he’s produced wonderful results over the years.”


“I’ve been impressed by their ability to assess the nees and opportunities of our business and develop and execute a strategic plan. They move quickly as needed to seize the opportunity and are true partners in all stages of the work.”


“cPR doesn’t pretend to know it all. They’re honest people who dive into every project with the same gusto. In the end, they diagnose the problem we’re having and come up with a creative solution that fixes it. It’s that simple for us.”


“cPR knows our business so well, they are not our agency, they are our partner.”