Why Campaign’s Fail To Plan… Yet Expect Different Results

Posted on August 16, 2017 by cPR

As a senior national judge for PRSA’s Silver Anvil Award, I’ve graded many great campaigns… and some, well, not so great ones. The two takeaways I’ve learned over the years is why campaigns succeed and fail.

Fail:  Go on gut instinct, put a lot of stuff out, spend a lot of money and hope the needle moves a little in awareness, appreciation and value.

Succeed:  Spend time to walk in the shoes of the person you’re trying to influence, find the need (or problem) that has been unsolved that frustrates them (through research), set an awareness benchmark, create messages/content on how your product provides a unique solution, execute and re-benchmark.

It sounds easy right? But I find that doesn’t happen that much. Maybe it’s corporate arrogance with the “we know our customer” ego… or afraid to find the real driver that consumers want that doesn’t fit their past marketing expense (we advertise red shirt but they really want blue shirt).

So from me to you… every campaign like the ones we conduct for our clients has four aspects that YOU should do internally.

  1. Research:  Use primary and secondary research tools to find a need that you can help define or redefine for the audience(s) or the situation.
  2. Plan:   Correlate the research findings to develop strategies while setting specific, measurable objectives to evaluate success.
  3. Execute:  Based on your research and objectives, execute the strategy.
  4. Evaluate:  Measure the campaign versus the stated objectives to learn what worked – and what didn’t.

It’s a process not an easy fix. Otherwise every company would be Fortune 100s.

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