Why cPR Matters

cPR is a DIFFERENT kind of agency. And we’re proud to say that. While our business model and core beliefs may not be a fit for everyone, we know it is what separates us from the pack… and makes us the clear choice for companies looking to create the Next Great American Brand.

    We believe that great brands are built through an integrated marketing and sales approach that addresses what the customer needs to move through the path to purchase, not a quickie one time Website or advertisements like others recommend.
    In our first meeting, instead of pumping out our chests to say how great we are, we’d rather listen to you in order to understand your business needs. That’s what partners do.
    Instead of creating marketing pieces that look stylish with little substance, we put an emphasis on the end product’s tone, message and value proposition first, style second.
    Rather than providing cookie-cutter tactical approaches, like many who say “Hey, you need a website to solve all your ills,” we put great emphasis on strategic planning to implement the right marketing solution at the right time with the right investment.
    While many measure success in how much they output, we measure in outcomes versus your defined objectives. Nothing else matters.
    Instead of having high overhead expenses, which amount to other agency’s large fees to cover their employees’ downtime and expenses, our business model offers the cost saving benefits of virtual teams that have no boundaries to work in to give you the best results every time.
    Through we often work virtually, every account – no matter its size – has a senior level practitioner as the lead… while other agencies stick you with entry-level people at senior level rates.